In our modern, technology driven world, having a scenario in which your power points are not working is enough to cause anyone distress. They are our connection to the world via the Internet and we are somewhat helpless without them.

Our trusty power points are used every single day in our homes and offices, and we think nothing of it until they give out on us.

As licensed Brisbane Electricians, we understand that faulty power points are sometimes an electrical risk inside your property, just waiting to break free and as a matter of safety, you must address and fix faulty power points as soon as you become aware of them.

Below are some of the most regular indications of a faulty power point within your property and the solution to how you should be handling the situation:

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Power Points Which Are Creating Sparks

All power points, even new ones, can spark up when not treated with delicacy. You have possibly noticed a power point sparking when you remove the cord from the wall socket when an electrical appliance is still running, or when switching on or off those heavy-duty appliances which use a large amount of power. This is quite regular.

The issue can be of a bigger magnitude when your power points are still creating sparks when neither of the above examples are in the equation. It’s quite possible that the power point in question may be imported from overseas, or of subpar quality and not manufactured to the approved standards here in QLD. Another potential cause to consider may be wiring which has come loose behind the power point, or there may even be an issue with a specific electrical appliance itself

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Power Points Which Are Physically Damaged

This would have to be one of the most obvious signs that a power point is at the end of its lifespan and due for replacement. Power points of a high manufactured quality from brands such as Clipsal or HPM will probably last many years. There is a good reason they are more expensive to purchase upfront than their cheaper alternatives. Specifically, if you notice any physical damage to the power point, such as burn marks, cracking, switches which are coming loose or brown discoloration, please seek out assistance from a local, qualified Electrician in Brisbane to perform replacement of your power point(s).

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My Lights Are Working Fine But The Power Points Do Not

A common cause for this scenario is that your safety switch has tripped on your switch board. To establish if this is the cause, head out to your switch board and investigate. Locate your safety switch and flick it back to the on position. After doing this if your power trips again, unplug the specific electrical appliance you were last using and then reset the safety switch back to the on position again. Failing these measures, your appliances may not be the problem and you should call your Electrician in Brisbane to check things out for you.

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In Conclusion

I think we can all concur that having reliable Electricity and power points in our home or office today is an absolute essential. Being fully licensed & qualified Emergency Electricians in Brisbane rest assured that we will offer fast, efficient and safe replacement of faulty power points, the installation of additional power points, and ensure your property is in a safe overall condition for you and your loved ones.

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