In Brisbane and need an Emergency Electrician? 

Why It's Important. Electricity keeps any home or office running and is essential in today's modern, technology driven world. For those times that your power or lights suddenly quit on you, don’t stay in the dark. Our after hours Brisbane & Moreton Bay Electricians near you are committed to around-the-clock after hours availability to make sure that you get the expert help you need, whenever you may need it.

With decades of experience fault finding electrical issues, you can rest assured Quality Electrical Projects will have you re-energized and back up and running in no time. We offer affordable, transparent & upfront pricing which avoids bill-shock upon job completion (you may experience this with some of our larger competition).

How much does an after hours Brisbane emergency electrician cost?

The cost of hiring an emergency electrician near you in Brisbane can vary greatly depending on the task or job that is specifically required. Due to us having the ability to attend your home or office at any time, you can rest assured that one of our friendly team will provide you with the high quality service you deserve at a great, fair price. Some factors that will affect the overall cost of the job include:

- Is the job indoors or outdoors?
- What material are your walls made out of?
- What kind of roof do you have and what is the access like?
- Do you want specific materials installed / have them ready?

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Brisbane Electrical Emergency? Expect A Fast Response From Our Electricians, 24/7!

Since electrical emergencies are hard enough to deal with, we won’t overcharge you with hidden fees. Call us to find out about our great after hours rates our emergency Electricians offer all over Brisbane & Moreton Bay regions. Fuse blow, or did you trip the circuit breaker? We are here to have you covered for any emergency. Whether it's your whole property or just an appliance, call us and our Brisbane Emergency Electricians will fix the problem the same day, including after hours.

What can our Brisbane Emergency Electrician do? 

Our emergency electricians are capable of handling any kind of emergency work including:

- Troubleshoot the cause of the issue & restore power completely
- Replacement or repair of fuseboxes and switchboards
- Replacement or repair of faulty powerpoint outlets
- Troubleshoot & fix any unusual electrical smells, sparks or flickering
- Troubleshoot a faulty hot water system letting you have a shower
- Solve safety switch issues causing power to go off and on
- Re-energize mains or power poles that are disconnected
- Ensure overall electrical safety around your home or office
- Rectify any flood or storm damage caused to electrical circuits

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